The short Penny Pencils

Incoraggiato dal giudizio del mio amico dr. K*, anglo di studi, franco di  laurea e passaporto, palestinese di nascita, libanese per un po’ e amico del mio caro Mohamed vendo-di-tutto l’egiziano, ripubblico con alcune ritocchi questa storiellina per bimbi, scritta a suo tempo per una fondazione culturale di Gaza City che, nei suoi quaderni, la pubblicò. Siamo alle porte del Natale, là dove voi umani avete visto cose che nemmeno immaginarsele noi mutanti. Le storielle tirano, come si dice in tutte le famiglie, sacrificate e non. Chiedo scusa all’anima di Virginia Woolf per le incertezze lessicali e sintattiche, ho imparato l’inglese ma non sono polacco.

Hey, I am a thinking device, to writing devoted. My name in short is Penny, but I am not always too short. Family name, Pencils. I am – or shall I say we are – I am very old, so old that no one of us seem to pay attention to it.  I am a clever, friendly but silent companion. No needs of electronics. No needs to other power except your mind… Or should I say my mind?… I can work very hard here, there and everywhere, whatever you need, whenever you want. When you will sitting down somewhere and having your rest, in your courtyard, in your kitchen, even in your bathroom or in your bed, I will always stay at your command. You never miss my complete cooperation; not to mention the thin blade that I sometimes need, to sharpen the tips of my character. Often, you will find me in restless working with a paper block, or even with a single sheet. Single we are both of us, me and him. I have not yet had the desire to get married to anyone. I come from a large family, spread out in time all over the world, with many nieces, and daughters, aunts, sisters, chiefly sisters. The most of us are stiff girls, deep thinkers, all dressed in black. However, there is a great many who love colours; no matter of which ones: if orange as the golden oranges on their trees; or silver blue like the bluefish under the seas; or green, as in the springtime the tender leaves; or sandy like the sand. Or like the seagulls, white. In general, no one of us should be for you a lesser pen pal than some other one. In my smart black suit, I will be able to suggest you, your best memories, your dreams and hopes, your toughest thoughts, or commonly your shopping list. Simply ask me and write, write down whatever in your mind. My coloured sisters will be happy to offer then the right nuance to your imagination, which is like a precious gift. As a present to yourself, which you will keep forever and ever, don’t forget to remember that every astounding poet, every amazing painter, started their great poems, their large painting, with a short line in some white space.

About dascola

P.E.G. D’Ascola ha insegnato per 35 anni recitazione al Conservatorio di Milano. Ha scritto e adattato moltissimi lavori per la scena e per la radio e opere con musica allestite al Conservatorio di Milano: "Le rovine di Violetta", "Idillio d’amore tra pastori", riscrittura di "Beggar’s opera"di John Gay, "Auto sacramental" e "Il Circo delle fanciulle". Sue due raccolte di racconti, "Bambino Arturo e il suo vofabulario immaginario"" e "I 25 racconti della signorina Conti", i romanzi "Cecchelin e Cyrano" e "Assedio ed Esilio", tradotto questo anche in spagnolo da "Orizzonte atlantico". Nella rivista "Gli amanti dei libri" occupa da molti anni lo spazio quindicinale di racconti essenziali, "L’ElzeMìro".
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2 Responses to The short Penny Pencils

  1. gattomannaro says:

    Un grazie a Penny Pencil è dovuto anche dai musicisti…. Ovvero: Musicians , too, should be grateful to Penny Pencils !


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